Dimwit Dawn: Face Coverings DO NOT Affect National Security?

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of reading something so asininely stupid that you ever wondered if those words originated from a human being?

Let me introduce to you, Dawn, also known as Dimwit Dawn (twitter.com/Opticheart), another Leftist fantasist who strongly insists that face coverings do not affect national security… because the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, wasn’t wearing a face covering.


This is the typical reply of a Leftist fantasist.

Isn’t it funny she’s lecturing others on common sense when common sense will tell you that wearing face coverings in public, which is essentially a disguise is not a good idea. People who don face coverings in public and commit crimes are able to get away with it as no one will be able to identify them. It seems like such a simple fact, which a 3-year-old could comprehend, is beyond the intellectual level of Dimwit Dawn. Take a look at her bio.


“Suffer no fools”? The biggest fool of all is you, my dear.

As if her original tweet wasn’t vacuous enough, she simply has to flaunt her ignorance even more.


“False equivalency”? What a complex word used by the least complex of people.

Keith Walton, another Twitter user, replied to her by stating that he would be arrested if he showed up at a bank or government office in a ski mask, which Dimwit Dawn retorted by claiming it is a “false equivalency”. Dimwit Dawn, do you even know the meaning of “false equivalency”? A false equivalency is when you compare the burqa/niqab with a facial piercing! When you compare a ski mask to a burqa/niqab, you’re basically comparing apples to apples, so there is no false equivalency here! If anything, you are the one engaging in false equivalency as a ski mask has an opening for the eyes and mouth, whereas a niqab/burqa only has an opening for the eyes!

My response to Dimwit Dawn was to kindly ask her if she would allow her kids to hang out with a bunch of balaclava-wearing thugs since they pose no danger at all.


Dimwit Dawn failed to reply my very legitimate question.

As a self-proclaimed Liberal, I guess Dimwit Dawn would love to engage in a logical and mature debate and is open to opposing viewpoints and discussing them. Therefore, I sent her a second tweet.


You want false equivalency? Here’s another one for you.

As I pointed out, to claim that face coverings do not affect national security because the Las Vegas shooter wasn’t wearing one is like claiming lung cancer isn’t caused by smoking as there are smokers who die in car accidents.

If you follow Dimwit Dawn’s logic, you could say that lack of revision doesn’t cause poor examination grades as you could attain poor grades if you’re sick too. Accidents do not cause traffic jams as traffic jams could be caused by fallen trees. Sexual intercourse does not lead to pregnancy as artificial insemination leads to pregnancy too. Can you see how utterly ridiculous these her logic is? Yet, she claims to “suffer no fools”. I guess the mantra that modern-day Liberals & Leftists are deluded and living in their own bubble is true.

Back to the Twitter “debate”, I stated that Dawn’s liberalism which opens her up to new ideas and differing opinions would lead to an interesting debate where we could put our point forward and support them with logical arguments. Somehow, I failed to garner a response from her. Why is that so?


She’s blocked me!

Like many modern-day Liberals and Leftists who pride themselves on being Liberal, she has decided to block me instead of countering my points with a well thought-out and logical response. I guess the original assertion that she made is so weak she can’t even defend it and she had no choice but to block anyone who questions her point of view to avoid further embarrassing herself.

If it was me making such a preposterous statement, I wouldn’t be able to find a way to defend it, as it goes against logic and common sense. What I would do is to hold my hands up, admit my mistake and concede that my statement was built on weak foundations, and I would do more research on the topic at hand to further equip myself with the differing viewpoint. However, that seems to be too difficult for Liberals, as they never admit their mistakes, but start playing the victim and crying about “discrimination” and “hate”, demanding a “safe space” where they could hide in.

People like Dimwit Dawn is an utter insult to the traditional meaning of the word “Liberalism” and is the by-product of the “you-can-do-no-wrong” culture in the West, indulged by the Left-Wing indoctrination machines (also known as schools, universities and Mainstream Media) all over America and Western Europe. If she isn’t prepared to have her viewpoints questioned and scrutinised, she shouldn’t be spouting these utterly ludicrous viewpoints on a public platform in the first place.


Jeremy Corbyn: Defending ALL Minorities, or Selected Minorities?

Anyone who doesn’t see the world with red-tinted glasses would already know what a hypocrite and two-faced person Jeremy Corbyn is. It’s really fascinating how Leftists who view the world with their red-tinted glasses elevate this shameless man into a position of godhood and literally worship him at his feet.

One of the claims that Leftists make about Jeremy Corbyn is he’s a staunch defender of the rights of minority groups in the UK, and how he seeks to unite the British people through love and tolerance, which can only be achieved by pandering to minorities while systematically blaming all White, Christian Conservatives for every woe minorities suffer.

Yet, this “defender of minority rights” seems to be very selective when it comes to which minority group he defends. A man who claims to stand up for minorities is quick to send out well-wishing tweets to Muslims for the festivals of Eid Mubarak and Eid Al-Adha and the Hindu festival of Diwali whereas a deafening silence can be heard for the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur.

Isn’t it perplexing that a man who is quick to blame Whites, Christians and Conservatives for everything bad that is happening in the UK right now, can display such a deliberate act of biasedness and hypocrisy, and somehow gets away with it, every single time? Are Jews not worth your time at all to compose one well-wishing tweet for Yom Kippur? To be honest, I am very surprised he even bothered composing a well-wishing tweet for Diwali, and I would like to take the credit for that, as I’ve been bombarding his Twitter days before Diwali, and I guess his PR team picked up on that.

If a Conservative claim to defend minorities while being selective on which minority to send well wishes to, the Leftists would be out in the streets and rioting. Hold on a minute, majority of the Leftists are as anti-semitic as their cult leader so I guess rioting is off the cards in that particular scenario.

Any Labour voter or Commie Corbyn’s comrade care to explain why there was no well-wishing tweet for Yom Kippur whereas Eid Mubarak, Eid Al-Adha and Diwali were given this privilege? After all, standing up for minorities means standing up for ALL minorities, not standing up for certain minorities as long as it fits our political agenda.

If no one bothers to come up with an explanation, can I conclude that the Labour Party places Jews at the bottom of the minority list? Isn’t that tantamount to… Anti-Semitism…? I seem to recall a certain political party in 1940s Germany practising the same thing. And Leftists have the cheek to call anyone who wants stricter immigration controls “Nazis”. I guess this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.