The Dilemma of Remoaners; Performing Mental Gymnastics

It has been a year and 4 months ever since the historic EU referendum was held in the United Kingdom. It is incredulous that 16 months after the results were declared, there are still many people who are unable to accept the result of a democratic election and are calling for the subversion of democracy by holding a second referendum, even though the result of the first referendum has not yet been honoured!

What is hilarious about the attitudes of these Remoaners is their sheer hypocrisy and double standards, and yet they don’t even seem to notice that! They seem to be totally ignorant of the fact that they hold contrasting beliefs when it comes to issues involving the EU. What do I mean by that? You’ll find out soon enough.

When the Remoaners start to get questioned by people who possess basic logical thinking, they start to squirm their way out of the debate, performing mental gymnastics to justify their contrasting views. I think that says it all about their intellectual ability to understand and analyse the contradicting views that they hold.

The main argument that Remoaners trot out is that curbing of freedom of movement will have a negative impact on the economy and healthcare of the UK. Remoaners don’t seem to understand that the restriction of freedom of movement doesn’t mean a total stop on all immigration; in fact the tightening of immigration laws will allow the British Government to allow only the best talents to enter the country which will help to boost the economy and healthcare, instead of letting all and sundry in with no checks whatsoever. However, I understand such a concept is too difficult and complex for the average Remoaner to understand, so let’s put that aside (and I’ve not even gotten to my main point!).

Majority of the Left-Wing Remoaners claim to stand up for the rights of the less fortunate and vulnerable, which is the rationale behind their demands for open borders, so as to allow the less fortunate and vulnerable from other countries to seek a better life in the UK. Their main argument is that the NHS and economy will collapse without immigrants, and Brexit will be a detriment to the UK. Maintaining an open border by allowing all immigrants into the UK will boost the NHS and grow the British economy, as most of these immigrants are skilled nurses, doctors, scientists, engineers, mathematicians (you name it, you got it). That’s according to the majority of the Remoaners, not me.

Think about this for a minute. If the majority of these immigrants are really skilled doctors, scientists and engineers, they will definitely be a net contributor to any country’s economy. The Left claims to stand up for the rights and welfare of the less fortunate, yet they support the poaching of these talented doctors, scientists and engineers from other less well-off countries so these people could work in the UK and contribute to the UK’s healthcare and economy.

Isn’t this what we call “brain-drain”? Once these skilled doctors, scientists and engineers leave their countries and move to the UK, that would negatively impact the healthcare and economy of their home countries. Mortality rates in their home countries will continue to rise, and their economy will crash to the level of Venezuela’s. Left-Wing Remoaners who claim to look out for the welfare of the less fortunate don’t seem to be doing much looking out by demanding that the UK maintains an open border to allow these talented and skilled migrants to leave their countries en masse, whereas their home countries will have to deal with the consequences of brain-drain. Remoaners love to paint all Leavers as selfish people who are racist and xenophobic. I think it’s fair to say that on this basis, the Remoaners are the racist and xenophobic ones, as they don’t seem to be particularly concerned about the welfare of less well-off countries.

When you question a Remoaner on their contradicting views, the most common response is since they’re in the UK, they’ve got to look out for British interests first, and by remaining a member of the EU and keeping freedom of movement, that will allow skilled migrants to enter the UK and it will boost the UK’s healthcare and economy, and surely that’s a good thing. If a person who voted for the Conservatives or UKIP said something like this, they will be the first one to cry “racist” and “xenophobic”! However, it’s perfectly not racist and xenophobic at all to put your own country first if you’re anti-Brexit. Can’t you see the sheer hypocrisy in this?

I think it’s apparent now that the Left-Wing Remoaners are facing a dilemma here. If they truly believe in the welfare of the less fortunate, they should be calling on the British Government to start strictly enforcing British immigration laws, so as to curb the brain-drain affecting less well-off countries and ensuring the talented doctors, scientists and engineers remain in their own countries to boost their own healthcare and economy, which will raise the standards of living for their people. That is simply not possible if the UK remains a member of the EU!

The Left-Wing Remoaners will then proceed to claim that such a scenario will negatively impact British healthcare and economy.

Hold on a minute, since when did Left-Wing Remoaners start to side with the “lazy and privileged native British people”? Surely a negative impact on the NHS and the economy is a punishment for these “white supremacists”? By allowing these skilled migrants to leave their countries for the UK, enriching the UK in the process while leaving their home countries in a state of dilapidation, isn’t that beneficial for the UK and detrimental for the less well-off countries and their people who the Left-Wing Remoaners claim to stand up for?

Since when did the Left-Wing Remoaners start to prioritise the interests of their own country over the interests of people from other countries? Isn’t that… xenophobia? So what do they really believe in? Let’s do a summary of the quandary the Left find themselves in.

  1. If they believe that the UK should remain a member of the EU, they cannot claim to look out for the welfare of the less fortunate, as it will cause brain-drain in less well-off countries.
  2. If they believe in looking out for the less fortunate, the UK should not remain a member of the EU, as it will cause brain-drain in less well-off countries.

Good news, Remoaners, I will offer you two solutions to solve your contradicting beliefs once and for all.

  1. Continue to advocate for the UK’s membership of the EU, while focusing strongly on improving the NHS and the economy, stop claiming to stand up for the less fortunate, as you support the brain-drain of their countries.
  2. Support the democratic decision made by the British electorate on the 23rd of June, 2016. Advocate for stricter immigration laws, and train your native British people to become doctors, scientists and engineers to boost the NHS and economy, which will keep skilled would-be migrants in their home countries and contribute positively to their own healthcare and economy which will lead to a higher standard of living for the people in their home countries. A win-win situation.

Dear Remoaners, isn’t it tiring to hold such contradicting beliefs, and having to perform some kind of mental gymnastics to justify your beliefs whenever you are questioned, and if all else fails, cry about being a “victim of hate”, just because you’re unable to hold your own in a mature and sensible debate?

Which solution will you choose then to absolve yourselves from further quandaries and mental gymnastics? If I were you, I would go with solution #2.