Stephen Paddock: A Radicalised Democrat?

It has been more than 2 weeks since the Las Vegas shooting and details about the shooting and the circumstances before the shooting remain vague and unclear. Many people have pointed out that in a busy hotel like the Mandalay Bay, there should be CCTVs installed in every nook and cranny, yet we have absolutely no details on the contents of the CCTV footage (provided the footage even exists)! Unsurprisingly, people are starting to wonder if the authorities investigating the shooting have something to hide, and things are not what it seems.

I’m not here to discuss the specific details involving the shooting or the circumstances before the shooting, as I have absolutely no idea what went on, and neither do members of the public. I want you to think deeply about the vastly contrasting attitudes towards the Mandalay Bay shooting as compared to other incidents such as Charlottesville, the Portland train stabbings and the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando.

After the Charlottesville chaos when one woman was run over by a car, American mainstream media and the Democrats were right on the offensive. Day after day of relentless coverage ensued on networks like CNN and NBC, with relentless attacks on President Trump and the Republican Party.

After the Portland train stabbings when two men were stabbed to death when confronting the killer who was making anti-Muslim slurs towards a young Muslim lady, American mainstream media and the Democrats went on the offensive, accusing President Trump of fanning the flames of Islamophobia and how the Republican Party is the incarnate of Satan who is fuelling division in America. Until it was unmasked that the killer, Jeremy Joseph Christian, was a Democrat and a fan of Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, the Democrats and American mainstream media went quiet on this incident and started reverting to 24/7 coverage on the Russian “collusion”. Discussing hatred and division is not important at all if the perpetrator turns out to be a Democrat.

After the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Democrats and mainstream media were quick to lobby for gun control and condemn the Republicans for causing the shooting, until the name of the attacker was revealed. Omar Mateen, who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the shooting and pledged allegiance to ISIS, deliberately opened fire on party-goers at the Florida gay nightclub. As of today, October 18th, 2017, more than a year after the shooting, the investigating authorities still have no clue with regards to Omar Mateen’s motives. When a terrorist starts shooting people while shouting “Allahu Akbar”, there are other motives to look into, such as radicalised Zoroastrianism or extremist Confucianism, says no one ever. Unless you’re a Leftist lunatic who has lost control of your mental faculties.

Comparing the contrasting reactions to the three above-mentioned incidents, you can see a clear pattern emerging.

  1. If the perpetrator is white, Christian or Republican, the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media start going on the offensive, calling for legislation to curb this and that, depending on the mode of the attack. The motive behind the attack must be white supremacism, Christianity or right-wing politics.
  2. If the perpetrator seems to be white, Christian or Republican, the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media start going on the offensive, calling for legislation to curb this and that, depending on the mode of the attack. The motive behind the attack must be white supremacism, Christianity or right-wing politics. When the perpetrator is unmasked to be black, Muslim, Hispanic, Democrat or illegal immigrants, the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media start to limit coverage on the story and return to reporting on other “news” that make Republicans look bad. The motive behind the attack is unclear.
  3. If the perpetrator is black, Muslim, Hispanic, Democrat or illegal immigrants, the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media immediately start going on the defensive, insisting that the attack has absolutely nothing to do with the above-mentioned groups and the motive behind the attack is unclear.

So, which of the above-mentioned category does the Mandalay Bay shooting fit in? Category #2. When the shooter was revealed to be a white man named Stephen Paddock, delirious Democrats and the American mainstream media started dancing for joy and started with their relentless attacks on Republicans and President Trump, blaming them for the American gun epidemic (which Barack Obama failed to solve in 8 years)! The motive behind Stephen Paddock’s actions must be white supremacism, Christianity or right-wing politics.

When people started pointing out that majority of country music fans are white Christian Conservatives, a group constantly demonised by the Democrats and American mainstream media, some tolerant and peace-loving Leftist lunatics started to post the vilest tweets on Twitter, rejoicing that most of the victims are white Christian Conservatives.

When pictures of Stephen Paddock started to emerge, allegedly showing him attending an anti-Trump rally in Reno, Nevada and several media outlets outside of the United States reporting that Paddock was a recent convert to Islam, Democrats and the American mainstream media started to dismiss these claims. Paddock’s motive is unclear and is not as important as pushing their gun control agenda.

18 days after the shooting, American mainstream media has reverted to their endless coverage about the “Russian collusion” which has produced not a single shred of evidence ever since the hysteria was whipped up by sore loser Democrats, while repeatedly trying their best to convince the gullible American public that there is no link at all between the Democrats and the perverted Harvey Weinstein.

Putting the pieces together, any sane and logical person will deduce from the emerging pattern that Paddock’s motive has something to do with the Democrats, Antifa or radical Islam (if ISIS’ claims that he was a recent convert is true). My personal take on this is that Stephen Paddock was radicalised by the hysterical American mainstream media with their 24/7 coverage on how evil and Satanic Donald Trump and the Republicans are. When the “99% chance Hillary will win” vice-president candidate, Senator Tim Kaine advocated violence by calling upon Democrats to fight Donald Trump supporters on the streets, you would have seen it coming.

Just like how radicalised Muslims obeyed calls to fight against the kaffirs on the streets of Western Europe, radicalised Democrats like Stephen Paddock and Jeremy Joseph Christian heeded the calls to fight against Trump supporters and Republicans literally and tragedies have since unfolded.

Another possible scenario is that the Mandalay Bay shooting was coordinated by deep-state globalists who are trying their very best to undermine President Trump and his administration. Such a scenario is very likely, considering that the deep-state globalists and Democrats ultimately share the same goal for America, to disarm the American population to leave them hapless against Left-Wing terrorism. (On a personal level, I am not very comfortable with the idea of arming all citizens of any given country, as firearms are very dangerous and lethal. However, it is simply not feasible to disarm every single American citizen considering that the right to bear arms has been in place for centuries and any country who forbids private citizens from owning firearms should never go down this route.)

If Paddock’s motives were inspired by white supremacism, Christianity or right-wing politics, the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media would be relentless in the coverage of the shooting, considering that they’ve been going strong on the Russian nothing-burger (thank you, Van Jones!) for 11 months. Violent protests would have erupted across the United States as Democrats come out to “resist” against Trump and Republicans, and condemn them for the tragic events in Las Vegas. Somehow, apart from the odd Democrat voice on Twitter or the mainstream media every now and then, there has been collective silence from the Democrats and American mainstream media, and I would really love to understand the rationale behind it.

An 11-month long Russian conspiracy which has yielded no evidence warrants relentless coverage by the Democrat-controlled American mainstream media, whereas the deaths of 58 people in American’s worst mass shooting warrants no such coverage. It is so sinister and malevolent and what’s disturbing is the fact that they don’t even bother hiding their double standards anymore.

Make no mistake, the Democratic Party is the enemy of a free and prosperous America. Never put it past the deep-state Democrat-controlled globalists to launch false-flag attacks to rock the administration of a non-establishment President in Donald Trump. Never put it past individual Democrats to heed the call to violence to fight Republicans on the streets of America by Democratic politicians.

With the deep-state so entrenched in American politics, my heart goes out to the loved ones of the victims of Mandalay Bay. I fear they might never get the justice they’re seeking.