I’m just an ordinary (and very melancholic) boy from an ordinary family from Singapore.

Anyone remember http://logicramblings.wordpress.com, where I blogged regularly from 2010 to 2014? Due to personal circumstances, I took a three year hiatus from blogging and I have decided to return to blogging as of October 14, 2017!

As someone who struggles with racing thoughts and an overactive mind, I hope to utilise my love for writing and expressing myself through words and poetry as an avenue for me to release these pent-up thoughts!

One of the primary reasons I’ve decided to blog again is because of the increasingly volatile and intolerant world we live in, which has led me to ponder about numerous issues that are happening in the world today.

As someone who used to identify as a Liberal up until 2015, I have spent the last three years dwelling on my previously “concrete” beliefs and questioning myself. I have realised that many people who identify as a “Liberal” and on the Left of the political spectrum are in fact the most illiberal and intolerant people around. I would say I identify more with people who identify as a “Conservative”, even though I have several political viewpoints that aren’t exactly “Conservative enough”. People who identify as Conservative are usually more liberal and tolerant of opposing views than those who identify as Liberals, and I would say that many issues happening in the world today, especially issues related to the degradation and degeneration of societal values can be attributed to the illiberal and intolerant “Liberals”! I would strongly advise any intolerant Liberal who is reading this right now to start retreating into their safe space as I will be writing a lot about them!

My other interests are:
– Philosophy
– Reading & Writing (Poetry/Satire)
– Sports (Swimming/Football)
– Gaming (Cities:Skylines/Football Manager)
– Music (Country/Classical)